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Sociology is the study of how various social forces produce social order and social change and in so doing influence what we do and how we think.

Sociologists study social behaviour and relationships in an attempt to understand and explain differences, for example, between men and women, the young and the old, people of different nationalities, ethnicities, etc. Comparing and analyzing the different ways that people live and work together is an important aspect of Sociology.

There are many different course topics for you to explore. You can learn about criminology, social inequality, health, deviance, work, identity, and demography. Studying Sociology helps you to understand yourself and your social world better.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On occasion, the department makes changes to our modules. Only students entering the modules after that change has taken place are subject to the new guidelines. Students who were enrolled in a module before the change, have the option of completing their degree with either the new module, or the module listed for the year they were first accepted into that module. Students can look up former modules in the Academic Calendar Archive.