Program Information


At the MASTERS level, we offer a one-year research paper stream (a three-term research-oriented program in which students combine course work with a research writing practicum and the completion of a research paper in an area of their choosing) as well as a two-year thesis stream (a six-term program of study combining course work with an opportunity to undertake original research and write a thesis). Our MA Program Structure page provides further details on entry into these streams.

The PhD PROGRAM offers students the opportunity for in-depth and specialized study in a variety of sociological specialties. Students have the opportunity to develop a foundation of knowledge in their area of interest through course work and comprehensive examinations. Students hone their research skills through courses, a research apprenticeship and through researching and writing a doctoral dissertation. Our PhD Program Structure page provides further details.

Collaborative Specializations

Students in our MA and PhD programs have the opportunity to earn a specialization in the following collaborative programs.  Application to a collaborative specialization should be made early in the first term of study.


Migration and Ethnic Relations
Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

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