Choosing Your Program

The Department of Sociology offers 7 different modules of study that you may enter after your first year. The prerequisite for all these modules is a minimum final grade of 60% or 70% in first year Introduction to Sociology.

The modular degree structure at Western allows the flexibility to combine modules within Sociology or across different departments and faculties. For example, you could combine a Major in Sociology with a Major in Criminology (both modules from Sociology), or an Honors Specialization in Criminology with a Minor in Psychology, or a Major in Health Sciences with a Major in Sociology—the possibilities are endless!

For more information about the modules we offer, please go here.

How do I know which Sociology or Criminology module is right for me?

Consider which of the following describes you best:

Honors Specialization in Sociology or Criminology:

  • You want to specialize in one area, and study it in-depth
  • You think you might want to continue your studies by pursuing a graduate degree (MA, PhD), or a Law degree
  • You like smaller classes, and the opportunity to engage with and talk about ideas
  • You are comfortable writing essays, and may even prefer them to multiple-choice exams
  • Your average is 70% or higher in 3 principle courses
  • If you want to specialize in Sociology, but have only a 60% average, then you may want to consider the Specialization in Sociology

Honours Double Major in Sociology and/or Criminology:

  • You want to study two or more areas, and get a general understanding of these fields
  • You enjoy larger classes that provide general overviews of subject areas
  • Your average is 70% or higher in 3 principle courses
  • You are considering teacher’s college, or other future programs where having a broad academic background would be valuable
  • You would like to leave the door open for graduate school, and so would like to take some 3000-level courses in core areas to increase your eligibility

Major in Sociology, or Criminology, or Minor in Sociology, or Criminology:

  • You want to learn more about sociology and/or criminology, and get a general understanding of these fields
  • You also want to take a variety of other courses to round out your university degree
  • Your mark in Introductory Sociology was at least 60%

After my undergraduate degree:

What are you intending to do after you graduate from Western?
The following will help you to identify which degree is right for you.

I plan on doing a Masters degree.

  • Student who intend on pursuing a Master degree in Sociology or Criminology should enroll in one of our Honors Specializations. Graduate programs will typically be looking for students to maintain, a minimum, average of 78% in their final 10.0 courses.

I am applying for Teachers college or Law school after I graduate.

  • Students wishing to pursue further education in either Law or Teachers College should purse an Honors Double Major (recommended) or a Double Major.

I intend to enter the workforce.

  • Students should consider supplementing their 4 year major with a second major or a minor in a relevant discipline.

I'm not yet sure what I'm doing after I graduate.

  • In cases where students are unsure of what they intend after graduation, additional counseling should be sought with either the Academic Advisor or a representative from Student Success Centre.