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Our students enjoy a collegial environment with easy access to staff, faculty members, and facilities all conveniently on the 5th floor of the Social Science Centre.

Offices: Use the listings in our People section to locate anyone you need to meet. We do not have a reception or main office, but any staff member can direct you.

Classrooms: Three seminar rooms (SSC 5406, 5427, 5428) are used exclusively by Sociology for classes, tutorials, meetings, and research talks. Sociology members may contact socevent@uwo.ca to book these rooms.

Social Science conference room: SSC 5220 is used for Social Science classes, events and meetings. It can be booked through the Dean's office: Wendy Palmer. Most of Sociology's guest speaker events are in SSC 5220. Check the Sociology map above for directions, or ask anyone up here - we're friendly.

CPAH: The Centre for Population, Aging and Health (CPAH) has a space in SSC 5230 is available to all Sociology faculty and graduate students, as well as graduate students in the Migration and Ethnic Relations program. The room is regularly used as a meeting space and classroom and has a small collection of books for reference use within this room (not for borrowing). You will find that many events are located there. To book the CPAH room for an event, contact socevent@uwo.ca.

Lounge: In SSC 5240, faculty, staff and graduate students sup and socialize in convenient kitchen, dining, and sitting areas. The lounge is used only for Sociology department socials and is not open for booking for outside events. However, our research librarian from Weldon, Marg Sloan, makes a weekly house call to our department during the school year in the Sociology lounge. Sociology faculty and students, including undergrads, drop in to the lounge to consult with her about research tools and resources.

Research Area: Sociology's researchers and Ph.D. graduate students use SSC 5225 for their office space. There are three desktop computers provided as a mini computer lab facility for their convenience. These provide access to the current statistical, modeling, word processing and graphic software. This room is conveniently located, but still quiet (except for the electric hum of exceptional minds at work). 

Computer Lab: In SSC 5431 Sociology graduate students can use the current statistical, modeling, word processing and graphic software in this lovely windowed corner office. The space is usually quite quiet and studious in spite of how social our students are. 

Video Collection: Instructors and TAs can borrow educational videos from our collection to show to their classes. Search the collection online and sign out the video in the mailroom. Staff members can show you where.

Workroom/Mailroom: In SSC 5306 staff, instructors and graduate students retrieve their mail, printouts, photocopy, scan, and staple.

Assignment Dropbox: Outside SSC 5307 on the hallway wall is a wooden box labelled "Sociology DROP BOX." Undergraduate students may be instructed by their professor or TA to drop their completed assignments here. Assignments are date stamped when the box is emptied each day.

Social Science facilities

Social Science Staff & Faculty Lounge: SSC 3036

SSTS Teaching and Computer Rooms: SSC1014, 1014B, 1020, 1038

ITS General Student Computing Labs: SSC 1000, 1012, 1032

Research Data Centre: SSC 1030

Printing: SSC 1020, 1038

Eateries: Tim Hortons SSC 1106, Encounters SSC 1048

SSC 1st Floor Map