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Undergraduate Program Advisor, Brandee Blanchard
519-661-2111 ext. 85143

Western students: you can schedule your meeting with Brandee from your Western email account

from your Western webmail:

  1. login to your Western student email at
  2. Select the Outlook app
    [Note: if your Outlook app is set to another time zone, the time you select for your meeting may show up in Brandee's calendar at another time. Before you make an appointment for the first time (or when you come back from living in another time zone), check your time zone setting: click the gear icon for settings at the top right of the Outlook app > at the bottom of the settings bar select Calendar > in the left bar open the General heading and select Region and time zone. The correct setting for Current time zone for Ontario is (UTC-05:00) Eastern time (US & Canada) > if you needed to make a change to your time zone, click the Save button at the top left of that frame. Click the left arrow at the top left to return to Outlook folders view, and click the X at the top right to close the Settings bar.]
  3. Click the Calendar icon at the bottom right of the window.
  4. at the top click + New > Calendar event
  5. the middle column is a People section ... type Brandee Blanchard in the search field (Required) and press Enter
    > a list of Western members named Brandee Blanchard is displayed - select the one with the email
  6. at the top of the People section click the calendar/clock icon for the Scheduling Assistant
    find the date you want and click a time in the calendar area that is clear for both you and Brandee
    > use the end time fields on the left to adjust the begin and end times of the meeting you are proposing, OR click one of the suggested times and that will fill in the times
    > click OK at top right
  7. Fill in the detail fields for the meeting:
    • in the first blank: student advisory meeting for {your name}
    • second field: SSC 5304 (Brandee Blanchard’s office)
    • in the bottom field fill in: your student number, whether you are a main campus student or what affiliate you are from, what module you are currently in, and what you need advice about
  8. Click Send at top right

from Outlook

  1. in Calendar, create a New Appointment
  2. Click Scheduling Assistant or Scheduling button from the top menu
  3. In the Attendees column click a blank line and type Brandee Blanchard and press enter
  4. select a time by clicking a vertical column for a day and time that suits your needs and is blank in Brandee's schedule too - the date and time showing at the bottom of the window will update - adjust the end time in that field to make the appointment the correct length
  5. click Appointment button at the top and you see the date and time you chose at the top right in that view (check that it is correct) ...
  6. fill in the detail fields for the meeting:
    • in the subject line: student advisory meeting for {your name}
    • location field: SSC 5304 (Brandee Blanchard’s office)
    • in the large text field at the bottom: your student number, whether you are a main campus student or what affiliate you are from, what module you are currently in, and what you need advice about
  7. Click Send

Brandee will respond and you will get a confirmation email.

To cancel the meeting, go to the Calendar app > navigate to the date of the meeting ... right click the meeting ... the popup menu should include a Cancel option. Brandee will receive the cancellation notice by email.

Chair of the Undergraduate Committee, Andrea Willson
519-661-2111 x 85132


Overlapping Courses Between Sociology Modules

Sociology 2205A/B, 2206A/B and 2240E or 2270A/B and 2271A/B are required courses for all majors and specializations offered by the Department of Sociology. When students combine two majors (e.g., Major in Sociology and Major in Criminology) or a specialization and a major (Honors Specialization in Sociology and Major in Criminology), however, these courses only need to be taken once.

Sociology 2205A/B and 2206A/B will be counted toward both modules. Sociology 2240E or 2270A/B and 2271A/B will count toward one module and an additional 1.0 course at the 2200-level in Sociology must be taken for the other module.

This means that students taking two majors in Sociology have 11.0 required courses while those combining a specialization and a major have 14.0.

Please note that this is the only overlap allowed between Sociology modules. The Department does not permit any course overlap between a Minor and another module offered in Sociology.

Statistics Substitution

Students who have taken any course from the following list, will need to replace Sociology 2205A/B Statistics for Sociology with an additional 0.5 Sociology course at the 2200 level.

Sociology 2205A/B Antirequisites:

Statistics and Research Methods Substitution

Students who have completed Social Work 2205 must replace Sociology 2205A/B, Statistics for Sociology, and Sociology 2206A/B, Research Methods in Sociology, with 1.0 Sociology course at the 2200 level.

Students who take a full course (1.0 course) as a statistics substitution to satisfy the requirement for Sociology 2205A/B will have an additional 0.5 course for their module.

Undergraduate Program Advisor


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