A Comparison of Filipino Immigrants' Economic Integration in Canada and the United States

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This project will examine the differences in immigration policies between these two countries. It will explore how institutionalized channeling in Canada has created a migration process with labour market outcomes that may be quite distinct from that of the United States. This project will utilize the Canadian Census from 1971 till 2001, 2011 Labour Force Survey along with the US Census.

Principal Investigator

Teresa Abada, Ph.D.
Sociology, Faculty of Social Science
The University of Western Ontario

Feng Hou, Ph.D.
Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Victoria


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Principal Investigator:

Teresa Abada, Associate Professor
Director, Collaborative Graduate Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations (MER)

Teresa Abada
  • Social, cultural, human capital
  • Migration
  • Immigrant health
  • Immigrant integration
  • Economic and social integration of children of immigrants

SSC 5429
519-661-2111 x83690
Faculty Profile

Feng Hou, Adjunct Professor
Senior Researcher, Social Analysis Division, Statistics Canada

Feng Hou
  • Immigration and the second generation
  • Dynamics of social diversity
  • Neighbourhood and community contextual effects
  • Applied statistical techniques

Statistics Canada, Ottawa