Inequality, Power, and Social Regulation

Faculty members in this area explore social inequality along multiple dimensions including class, race, ethnicity and immigration status, sexuality, and gender. They also examine the ways in which social institutions, social processes and social practices (included those related to crime, policing and surveillance) are infused with, and shaped by power. Examples of research in this area include studies of citizenship and identity, education and social inequality, the relationship between economic inequality and political attitudes in cross-national perspective, policing and terrorism studies, and income inequality and crime across nations.

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Faculty Experts in Inequality, Power, and Social Regulation

Tracey Adams, Professor

Tracey Adams
  • Work;
  • Professions;
  • Regulation of professions in Canada;
  • Social inequality;
  • Gendered professions;
  • Health professions

SSC 5328
519-661-2111 x85120
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Dale Ballucci, Assistant Professor

Dale Ballucci
  • Sociology of Law;
  • Sociology of childhood;
  • Criminology and Policing;
  • Young offenders;
  • Theories of Governance;
  • Administration of the criminal justice system

SSC 5403
519-661-2111 x85140
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David Calnitsky, Assistant Professor

David Calnitsky
  • Economic Sociology;
  • Inequality;
  • Gender;
  • Work;
  • Poverty;
  • Social policy
ON LEAVE Jan. 1 - June 30

SSC 5402
519-661-2111 x81380
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Patrick Denice, Assistant Professor

Patrick Denice
  • Social inequality, social stratification, and mobility;
  • Life course;
  • Education;
  • Labour markets;
  • Union and non-union influences on wages
ON LEAVE Jan. 1 - June 30

SSC 5407
519-661-2111 x85725
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Janice Forsyth, Associate Professor

Janice Forsyth
  • Aboriginal physical practices, health, and identity;
  • Power relations and the body;
  • Sociology of sport;
  • Sport and Canadian culture;
  • Canadian sport history

Michael Gardiner, Professor

Michael Gardiner
  • Sociological theory;
  • Theories of affect (especially boredom);
  • Sociology of the everyday;
  • Utopia;
  • Dialogical social theory (the work of Mikhail Bakhtin in particular)
ON LEAVE Jan. 1 - June 30

SSC 5424
519-661-2111 x85139
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Michael E. Gardiner on

Anders Holm, Professor

Anders Holm
  • Quantitative methods;
  • Socioeconomic status over the lifecourse;
  • Social stratification;
  • Inter-generational mobility;
  • Sociology of health

SSC 5327
519-661-2111 x 85515
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Laura Huey, Professor

Laura Huey
  • Policing;
  • Criminal victimization;
  • Mental health;
  • Extremism;
  • Qualitative research methods;
  • Evidence based policy-making
ON LEAVE Jan. 1 - June 30

SSC 5213
519-661-2111 x85151
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Wolfgang Lehmann, Professor

Wolfgang Lehmann
  • Social inequality;
  • Social class;
  • Sociology of work;
  • Higher education;
  • Vocational education;
  • School-work transitions

SSC 5430
519-661-2111 x85385
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Kaitlynn Mendes, Associate Professor

Kaitlynn Mendes
  • Gender inequality;
  • Social media;
  • Sexual violence;
  • Youth;
  • Mixed methods research

SSC 5415
519-661-2111 x87356
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Anabel Quan-Haase, Professor

Anabel Quan-Haase
  • New media and social change;
  • Digital activism;
  • Social media;
  • Social networks;
  • Digital social capital;
  • Scholarly digital communication

SSC 5413
519-661-2111 x86952
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Howard Ramos, Professor
Chair, Sociology

  • Political sociology;
  • Immigration;
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion;
  • Social change;
  • Media studies;
  • Secondary cities

SSC 5316
519-661-2111 x85142
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Howard Ramos on Google Scholar Howard Ramos on ResearchGate Howard Ramos on Twitter

Scott Schaffer, Associate Professor

Scott Schaffer
  • Contemporary and global social theory;
  • Processes of social change;
  • Social inclusion;
  • Social ethics;
  • Public sociology;
  • Cultural critique, and Resistance movements

Sean Waite, Assistant Professor

Sean Waite
  • Social inequality;
  • Gender inequality;
  • Higher education outcomes;
  • LGBTQ and the labour market;
  • LGBTQ identity, poverty and health;
  • Criminology and deviance

SSC 5401
519-661-2111 x87689
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Yoko Yoshida, Associate Professor

  • Immigration and integration;
  • Social statistics;
  • Race and ethnicity;
  • Social inequality;
  • Inequality in health

SSC 5409
519-661-2111 x85045
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Anna Zajacova, Associate Professor
Graduate Chair, Department of Sociology

Anna Zajacova
  • Social epidemiology;
  • Health inequalities;
  • Demography;
  • Lifecourse and aging;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Quantitative methods

SSC 5330
519-661-2111 x85123
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