Aging and the Life Course

The life course perspective provides a framework for understanding processes of inequality and change both within individuals and across various levels of society.  Faculty working in this area study aging over the life course as a social process with attention to the intersections of individual lives, social structures, and social change. Faculty research includes examinations of family ties and aging; work, family and policy; trajectories of socioeconomic status and health from early life through old age; and the extended process of identity formation across the life course.

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Faculty experts in Aging and the Life Course

Patrick Denice, Assistant Professor

Patrick Denice
  • Social inequality, social stratification, and mobility;
  • Life course;
  • Education;
  • Labour markets;
  • Union and non-union influences on wages

SSC 5407
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Anders Holm, Professor

Anders Holm
  • Quantitative methods;
  • Socioeconomic status over the lifecourse;
  • Social stratification;
  • Inter-generational mobility;
  • Sociology of health

SSC 5327
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Rachel Margolis, Associate Professor
Undergraduate Chair, Department of Sociology

Rachel Margolis
  • Demography;
  • Social inequality;
  • Family change;
  • Aging

SSC 5326
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Kim Shuey, Associate Professor
Acting Graduate Chair, Department of Sociology

Kim Shuey
  • Health and disability across the life course;
  • Transmission of health across generations;
  • Precarious employment, work and health;
  • Environmental sociology.

SSC 5426
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Andrea Willson, Associate Professor

Andrea Willson
  • Social inequality over the life course;
  • Aging and the life course;
  • Health effects of socioeconomic status across generations;
  • Quantitative research

SSC 5423
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Anna Zajacova, Associate Professor

Anna Zajacova
  • Social epidemiology;
  • Health inequalities;
  • Demography;
  • Lifecourse and aging;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Quantitative methods

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