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Paul C. Whitehead

Photo by Eric Simard

Paul C. Whitehead, Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. University of MassachusettsFull CV
M.A. University of Massachusetts
B.A. Providence College



Paul C. Whitehead's current research interests include policy and program evaluation of social programs and government policies and studies of the volume of copying (paper and digital) relative to various tariff applications to the Copyright Board of Canada.

Current Research Projects

Survey Expert before the Copyright Board of Canada

Select Publications
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(2009) Youth in Conflict with the Law 3rd ed. (with Paul S. Maxim) Nelson Education


(2014) "Alcoholism and other social problems in Canadian Aboriginal communities: Policy alternatives and implications for social action" (with Brenda S. Kobayshi) in Trovato, Frank (ed.) Aboriginal Populations - Social, Demographic, and Epidemiological Perspectives, University of Alberta Press.


2012 The Volume of Compensable Copying Done by Full Time Equivalent Employees of Objector Provincial and Territorial Governments (with Piotr Wilk) Ottawa: Copyright Board of Canada.

2011 Final Report: Family Networks Project. London: United Way of London and Middlesex (with William R Avison)

2009 An Outcome Evaluation of a Set of Interventions Designed to Enhance the Educational Attainment of Children in Care (with William R. Avison and Piotr Wilk) Toronto: Research and Outcome Measurement Branch, Ministry of Children and Youth Services; and London: Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex.

Thesis Supervision

Supervisory Status:  MA, PhD

PhD Theses

Jennie Thompson, Gender Neutral?  An Empirical Test of Life-course Theories of Criminal Behaviour.

Patricia Sealy, The Impact of Deinstitutionalization on Psychological Distress and Access of Psychiatric Services.

MA Theses (last ten)

Jennie Thompson, Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Study of the Impact of Social Class on the Severity of Sentencing: An Empirical Test.

Annette Birch, Impact of Graduated Licensing on Traffic Safety in Ontario: An Evaluation.

Kimberley Wood, An Evaluation of a Sexuality Education Program for Adolescents.

Troy Tofflemire, Daytime Running Lights: An Evaluation of the Impact on Traffic Safety.

Sharon Polischuk, Adults with an Alcoholic Parent: An Empirical Evaluation of the ACOA Concept.

Christopher Sullivan, Volunteers in Corrections: The Evaluation of a Community Parole Program.

Bryan Embree, Alcohol Research: Reliability and Validity.

Peri Ballantyne, An Evaluation of Programs for Women in a Correctional Halfway House.

Kathy Speechley, Normative Environments and Behaviour: A Test of Some Hypotheses.

Cheryl Makowsky, An Evaluation of the Impact of a Changed Alcohol Control Measure: The Case of Advertising in Saskatchewan.

MA Research Paper

Paul Bakker, The Impact of Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System on Injuries: An Outcome Evaluation.