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  • Kaitlynn Mendes

Kaitlynn Mendes, Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Inequality and Gender
PhD, Journalism Studies, Cardiff University

Kaitlynn Mendes is a sociologist whose work sits at the intersection of media, education, and politics. Her research and teaching adopt an intersectional feminist perspective to better understand and combat gender inequalities and their relationship with media technologies. Using a mixed methods approach, she explores how digital technologies pave the way for new forms of online abuse, while simultaneously being used to challenge sexism, sexual violence, rape culture, and harassment in on and offline spaces. Insights from her research have been used to inform policies, practices, and public understanding on contemporary gender inequalities.

Areas of Specialization

  • Gender inequality
  • Social media
  • Sexual violence
  • Young people
  • Schools
  • Feminist activism
  • Online harms
  • Mixed methods research

Selected Publications