• Patrick Denice
  • Presenting Sociology research: Patrick Denice at SEA 2020

    Presented at SEA 2020:

    Segregation, Spatial Mismatch, and Charter School Enrollment in U.S. Cities

  • Presenting Sociology research: Patrick Denice at AEFP 2019

Patrick Denice, Assistant Professor

PhD, Sociology, University of Washington

Patrick Denice is a sociologist who studies inequality in education and in the workplace. He has published on demographic distribution of COVID-19, union and non-union pay, race and gender in schooling, and stratification in higher education. His recent work looks at the potential of school choice policies to attenuate or exacerbate patterns of inequality and segregation in urban public education systems. Dr. Denice's current projects examine  non-traditional pathways to and through postsecondary education, and how workplace institutions and policies shape workers' wages.

Areas of Specialization

  • Social inequality and mobility
  • Education
  • Social stratification
  • Labour markets
  • Union and non-union influences on wages
  • Life course
  • Quantitative methods

Selected Publications