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Lorraine Davies, Associate Professor

Associate Vice-Provost (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies)
PhD Sociology, Rutgers University

Lorraine Davies is currently on leave, serving as the Associate Vice-Provost (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) of Western University. She is a sociologist who investigates issues of family structure and personal relationships and their effects on the health and mental well-being of women over the lifecourse. Dr. Davies has published on intimate partner violence, welfare reform, and gender differences in feelings of control. In her current role, she is contributing to systemic change in graduate education related to professional development, rethinking the PhD, and graduate student wellness.

Areas of Specialization

  • Social inequality
  • Family structure and health
  • Gender inequality and social policy
  • Interpersonal relationships and well-being
  • Gender and mental health
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Relationships over the lifecourse

Selected Publications