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Tracey Adams, Professor of Sociology

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Feb. 27 presented ‘This happens all the time’: Organizations, Rationalization and Ethical Dilemmas in Engineering at Memorial University, Department of Sociology

Nov. 14 Silcox and Adams, "Canadian Media Depictions of Boys and Crime: The Abstract Criminal and the Dangerous ‘Other’" presented by Jennifer Silcox in The Construction of Crime and Youth session of the American Society of Criminology 75th Annual Meeting, San Francisco

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Biographical Information

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Toronto
M.A. Sociology, University of Western Ontario
B.A. Hons. Sociology, University of Western Ontario (Gold Medal Winner)

Special Appointments and Honours

2010-15, 2016-19 Chair, Department of Sociology

2012-13 Chair, Canadian Sociological Association Research Advisory Committee (member 2010-13)

2012 Canadian Review of Sociology Best Article Award
for “Profession: A Useful Concept for Sociological Analysis?”

2008-09 Award of Excellence, USC Teaching Honour Roll

2008-10 Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology

2005-07 Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology

Tracey Adams is a sociologist who specializes in the sociology of work, occupations and professions, and social inequality. Within this broad area, she has two primary areas of research. The first explores work and social inequality, with a focus on gender, in intersection with class and race. This research explores men’s and women’s experiences in male-dominated and female-dominated work environments, and the way in which work (especially professional and high-status work) is gendered. She has also published (with co-authors) research on the recent work experiences of young workers with disabilities, and the labour-market outcomes of African-Canadian workers in the late nineteenth century. The second research area is professional work in Canada. This research focuses on processes of professionalization in the past and present, inter-professional conflict, inter-professional teamwork, and professional regulation. Professor Adams’ current research project examines professional regulation in five Canadian provinces from Confederation to the present day. As part of this project she is currently comparing the regulation of several alternate health professions that have historically been regulated differently across provinces (chiropody / podiatry, naturopathy, osteopathy). This research also explores state-profession relations more broadly.

Currently Teaching

  • 2166B - 001 The Organization and Experience of Work
  • 3307G - 001 Investigating the Social World: Qualitative Research
  • 4466G-001 Professions, Professionals and their Work / 9154B-650 Professionals and their Work

Thesis Supervision

PhD Theses Supervision

Currently supervising:

Julie Young-Marcellin, Empowerment through Bottom-up Capitalism: Knowledge Production and Transfer

Megan MacCormac, Whole family network analysis: A multi-generational approach to career decision making

Brendan Watts, Employee Misbehaviour in the Canadian Workplace: Sabotage, Loafing and Employee Theft

Recently completed:

Jennifer Silcox, Newsmedia Representations of Girls and Crime (joint supervision with Lorraine Davies).

Godfred Boateng, Exploring the Career Pathways and Lived Experiences of Regulated Nurses in Ontario, Canada.


Andrea Flynn, Constructing Categories, Imagining a Nation: A Critical Qualitative Analysis of Canadian Immigration Discourse.

PhD Supervisory Committee Member for Jenna Hennebry, Globalization and the Mexican-Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program: Power, Racialization and Transnationalism in Temporary Migration.

PhD Examining Board Member for Cenk Saracoglu, Migration, Neoliberalism and Ethnicization: The Middle-Class Construction of Kurdish Migrants in Izmir, Turkey.

MA Theses Supervision


Kyle Militello, Workplace Expectations of Post-Secondary Sexual Minority Students

Gwynne Ng, Accessing Preventative Healthcare: Influences on Utilization Among Asian Immigrant Women

Recently Completed:

Van Nguyen, Internal Migration, Networks and Gender Roles among Domestic Workers in Vietnam.

Vanessa Dolishny, "Proving Yourself" in the Medical Profession: Gender and the Experience of Foreign-Trained Doctors in Medical Practices.


Diana Szabo, Aesthetic Labour at the Coffee Shop: Exploring Young Workers' Perceptions of the Service Encounter.

Jenna Dixon, Navigating Professional Relationships: Conflict and Consensus in Primary Health Care Teams.

Yvonne Nyinaku, The Development and Professionalisation of Psychiatry in Canada.

Erin Demaiter, Women in the Information Technology (IT) Sector.

Hui Li, Iron Roses Blooming Amidst Thistle and Thorns: Senior Women Executives in Transitional China.

Marsha Branco, Immigrant Labour Market Outcomes in Canada: Accounting for Gender, Age at Arrival, and Country of Origin.

Lauren Barr, Understanding the Effects of Hospital Restructuring: A Study of Stress and Employee Relations.

MA Research Papers Supervision

Lesley Bikos, 'I Took the Blue Pill': The Effect of Hegemonic Police Culture on Canadian Policewomen’s Identities.

Wajeha Chams, Living in a Transnational World: Identity Negotiation and Formation Among Second-Generation Lebanese Young Adults Living in London, Ontario.

Alelie Ocampo, Combining Work and Family: The Experiences of Gender and Ethnicity of Visible Minority Women in Leadership Positions.

Christina Treleaven, Gender, Generation, and Jobs: Differences in Gender Role Ideologies by Age and Occupation.

Eugena Kwon, Exploring Factors Influencing Career and Family Choices of Female Medical Students and Residents.

Emily Michailidis, Emotional and Aesthetic Labour in Service Sector Work.

Cliff Davidson, The University Corporatization Shift: A Longitudinal Analysis of University Admission Handbooks From 1980-2010.

Maureen Hawkins, Valuing Personal  Support Workers: A Critical Research Study of Ontario's Home Care System and the Deteriorating Working Conditions for Home Health Care Workers.

Giacomo DeGiorgio, Combating Racism in Nursing: An Analysis of the Movement in Ontario From a Resource Mobilization Perspective.

Julie Young-Marcellin, Social Enterprise and the Negative Effects of Capitalism.

Patricia Gordon, (Re)Producing the Problem?: A Case for the Importance of Theoretical Perspectives in Anti-Homophobia Education.

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
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(2019) Gender, Age and Inequality in the Professions: Exploring the Disordering, Disruptive and Chaotic Properties of Communication (with Marta Choroszewicz), Routledge

(2018) Regulating Professions: The Emergence of Professional Self-Regulation in Four Canadian Provinces , University of Toronto Press.

Refereed Journal Publications:

(2020) "‘This happens all the time’: Organizations, Professionalism, and Ethical Dilemmas in Engineering" Work, Employment and Society

(2020) "Professional employees and professional managers: conflicting logics, hybridity, and restratification" Journal of Professions and Organization joaa005.

(2019) "Neo-Weberianism, Professional Formation and the State: Inside the Black Box" (with Mike Saks) Professions & Professionalism 9(2) DOI:10.7577/pp.3190.

(2019) "Gender and Age in the Professions: Intersectionality, Meta-work, and Social Change" (with Marta Choroszewicz) Professions & Professionalism 9(2): e3432.

(2018) "Choosing a Specialty: Intersections of Gender and Race among Asian and White Women Medical Students in Ontario" (with Eunjeong Kwon) Canadian Ethnic Studies 50(3): 49-68.

(2018) "Neo-Weberianism and Changing State-Profession Relations: The Case of Canadian Health Care" (with M. Saks) Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas 88 (fall): 61-77.

(2017) "Chiropody/Podiatry: Interprovincial differences in profession formation" Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 34(2): 364-392.

(2017) "Self-Regulating Professions: Past, Present and Future" Journal of Professions and Organization 4(1):70-87.

(2016) "Professional Self-Regulation and the Public Interest in Canada" Professions & Professionalism 6(3): 1587.

(2016) "'Drop dead … I need your job': An exploratory study of intra-professional conflict amongst nurses in two Ontario cities" (with Godfred Odei Boateng) Social Science & Medicine 155(April): 35-42.

(2016) "When 'citizenship is indispensable to the practice of a profession': Citizenship Requirements for Entry to Practise Professions in Canada" Journal of Historical Sociology 29(4): 550-577.

Book Chapters:

(forthcoming) "Professions, Knowledge and Workplace Change: The Case of Canadian Engineers" in J. Glückler, C. Winch, and A.M. Punstein, eds., Professions and Proficiency, Springer

(2019) "Occupations" in George Ritzer and Chris Rojek, eds., Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd edition , Wiley-Blackwell

(2019) "Women in Engineering: Experiences of Discrimination across Age Cohort" in Marta Choroszewicz and Tracey L. Adams, eds., Gender, Age and Inequality in the Professions , Routledge

(2019) "‘Not that many female med students want to pursue surgery’: Gender, Ethnicity and the Life Course in Medical Students’ Specialty Choices" (with Eugena Kwon) in Marta Choroszewicz and Tracey L. Adams, eds., Gender, Age and Inequality in the Professions , Routledge

(2018) "Josephine Irwin (Wells)" in Dictionary of Canadian Biography University of Toronto Press

(2017) "Theories of Gender Inequality" (with Michael Rooyakkers) in E. Grabb, J.G. Reitz, and M. Hwang (eds.) Social Inequality in Canada: Dimensions of Disadvantage 6th ed., Oxford University Press.

(2017) "Labour Markets, Inequality, and the Future of Work" (with Wolfgang Lehmann) in E. Grabb, J.G. Reitz, and M. Hwang (eds.) Social Inequality in Canada: Dimensions of Disadvantage 6th ed., Oxford University Press.

(2016) "Alienation" in Vicki Smith, ed., Sociology of Work: An Encyclopedia , Sage Publishing

Dr. Tracey Adams has a particular interest in professions, gender and work. Her current SSHRC-funded research explores the regulation of professions in Canada, with a particular focus on alternate health professions.

Current Research Projects

Regulating Professions in a New Global Era
SSHRC funded

Healthy Knowledge Workers. Co-investigator. (PI: Ivy Lynn Bourgeault)

Does One Size Fit All? The Implications of Gender for OR Team Performance, Teamwork Interventions, and Equitable Patient Outcomes. Co-investigator. (PI: Sylvain Boet)
CIHR funded