MA Graduate Students

Miguel Bernard Bravo


Research interests: Education, Student Employment, and the COVID-19 Pandemic.
SSC 5332

Victoria Borowski


Research interests: Gender and Risk Assessment; Masculinities; Actuarial Risk Tools; Policing in Canada; Inequality. 

Supervisor: Dr. Dale Ballucci
SSC 5320

Brendan Costello


Research interests: Evidence-based policing, crime reduction, crime mapping, addictions, harm-reduction.
SSC 5419

Aline Da Costa


Research interests: Postcolonial Thought, Political Sociology, the Environment and Neocolonialism, Social Change, and Disability

Supervisor: Dr. Scott Schaffer
SSC 5419

Erika Dempsey


Research interests: Indigeneity, social inequality, and social demography

Supervisor: Dr. Howard Ramos
SSC 5230

Brayden Dueck


Research interests: Queer theory, discursive analysis, epistemology.
SSC 5419

Lindsay Finlay


Research interests:  immigration, migration, immigrant settlement, and rural Canada.

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Haan
SSC 5225E

Sydney Joao


Research interests: race, gender, inequality, workplace, education, discrimination.

Supervisors: Dr. Kate H. Choi & Dr. Patrick Denice
SSC 5525

Yuchen Li


Research interests: immigration policy and temporary foreign workers; labour market integration of immigrants

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Haan

Jason Lo

Jason Lo

Research interests: Social Theory; Social Inequality; Political and Fiscal Sociology
SSC 5311

Laura McLauchlan


Research interests: Criminology, socio-legal responses to gender based violence, human trafficking, trauma-informed policing, jury decision-making behaviours

Supervisor: Dr. Dale Ballucci

Abigail Meza

Abigail Meza

Research interests: Housing; Immigration; Immigrant settlement.

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Haan
SSC 5207

Bruna Moraes

Justin Clark

Research interests: 

Supervisor: Dr. Tracey Adams

Lisa-Lee Newell


Research interests: Sociology of Disability (specifically disability vs. impairment), Intersectionality, Social Constructionism, and Inequality.

Supervisor: Dr. Kim Shuey
SSC 5408

Jessica Omorodion


Research interests: immigrant identity, mental health, social inequality, and racialized individuals.
SSC 5408

Emily Orr

Emily Orr

Research interests: health and wealth effects of overeducation.
SSC 5311

Xiao Peng


Research interests: Migration; Immigrant Integration; Mental Health of Immigrants; Social, Economic, and Cultural Integration of Children of Immigrants

Supervisor: Dr. Teresa Abada

Kayla Scheer


Research interests: Risk assessment tools for Indigenous Offenders.

Supervisors: Dr. Janice Forsyth and Dr. Dale Ballucci
SSC 5320

Joanne Silva

Justin Clark

Research interests: Criminology, feminist perspectives in law, victimization discourses, and police perceptions of gender-based crimes

Supervisor: Dr. Dale Ballucci

Spiro Vassallo


Research interests: Social inequality, Racial and socioeconomic disparities, Social policy, Class, Race, and Critical theory.  

Supervisor: Dr. Scott Schaffer
SSC 5408

Kaitlin Wannamaker


Research interests: Political sociology, social inequality, and sociology of work.
SSC 5408

Stefanie Weighell


Research interests: Sociology of the Family, Social Inequality of first-generation post-secondary students; Sociology of Health Inequalities.

Supervisor: Dr. Anna Zajacova
SSC 5408

Alyssa Yourkin


Research interests: criminology, social inequality, gender, crime and victimization.

Brett Zeleznik


Research interests: labour and employment, quantitative methods.

Supervisor: Dr. Anders Holm
SSC 5225