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Information is everywhere. What we need is meaning.
Where can you turn to make sense of everything from violence to commercialization of education? 

Sociology is the study of how various social forces produce social order and social change and in so doing influence what we do and how we think. The expertise you will find in the Sociology department covers a broad spectrum of critical thinking about our changing societies. Local, regional, and global: all of our social world is under scrutiny by our scholars.

Here are some keys to find the information and people you need.

Main fields of expertise

Aging and the Life Course

Health and Health Inequality

Inequality, Power, and Social Regulation

Social Demography and Migration

Work, Occupations and Professions

Specializations based on research interests of groups of faculty

  • Sociological Theory
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Collective Behaviour, Social Movements,
    and Communication
  • Deviance, Criminology
  • Family and Gender
  • Social Psychology
  • Work and Occupations


  1. Go to Research, select a topic.
  2. Select projects that you find relevant - read about the project and its results, and use the "Project Team" tab to find contact info for all of the researchers.

Contact Experts

  1. Go to Experts, browse topics to find contact info and specific areas of study for experts.
  2. Click the name or profile link of the expert to read a full profile, including links to their recent publications and research projects.

Find a specific individual

  1. All instructors are listed in Faculty and Part-Time Faculty
  2. Other contacts can be found under Researchers, Fellows/Post Docs/Visitors, Graduate Students, Staff and Administration

Research Groups

  1. Go to Centres/Institutes/Groups
  2. Explore the research projects, press releases, contacts, and events for a whole research group.


  1. Go to Events. Events become clickable when they are finalized, click to view details and contact info.
  2. The audience for each event is above its title - use the organizer contact to request permission to attend if you are not part of the invited group.
  3. Some past events have embedded video links - view the talks you missed.