Associations & Clubs

Sociology Graduate Students' Association

The purpose of the Sociology Graduate Students Association (SGSA) is to provide Sociology Graduate Students a means to collectively advocate for their interests as graduate students within the department and the university. It enables graduate students in the department to organize academic, social and advocacy activities for themselves in order to promote professional development, inclusion, and engagement. In addition, the SGSA is the organizational vehicle for electing our graduate student representatives each year in an open and consistent manner (i.e., representatives to the Society of Graduate Students, the TAPD Union, the Sociology Departmental Assembly, and the Sociology Graduate Committee). These representatives, together with the SGSA Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, comprise the SGSA's Steering Committee. Each year, the SGSA holds at least two general meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, at which the elections are held to fill the executive and student representative positions for that year.

Public Sociology

The purpose of Public Sociology @ Western is: to create a space for ongoing dialogue about public scholarship, public sociology, and where these fit within our department and, more broadly, the academy at large through a speaker series and groups discussions; to deepen our understanding of what public sociology is and the various ways that it can be enacted; to support graduate students in making connections between their research and publics outside of the University, and to support the collaborative research projects that involve: community services, community organizations, municipal leaders, local neighbourhoods, social movements, etc.

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The Journal for Social Thought

The Journal for Social Thought ( JST) is a peer reviewed academic journal run and maintained by graduate students in the department of sociology at Western University. This journal was created in 2015 and focuses on publishing the theoretical and empirical contributions of graduate students, post-docs, academic professionals, and independent scholars in an open access platform. Each issue of the JST focuses on either a general theme or different specialized topics related to today’s relevant sociological questions, which fall underneath the broad umbrella of social thought. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of brilliant and innovative ideas in sociology and related social science disciplines, while especially providing an avenue for graduate students to be involved in the publishing and review processes. Our website is hosted in the Scholarship@Western database, which has all the information about the journal. We also have a social media accounts that will have posted updates on the journal.

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