Aging and the Life Course

The life course perspective provides a framework for understanding processes of inequality and change both within individuals and across various levels of society.  Faculty working in this area study aging over the life course as a social process with attention to the intersections of individual lives, social structures, and social change. Faculty research includes examinations of family ties and aging; work, family and policy; trajectories of socioeconomic status and health from early life through old age; and the extended process of identity formation across the life course.

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Faculty experts in Aging and the Life Course

Ingrid Arnet Connidis, Professor

Ingrid Arnet Connidis
  • Family ties and aging
  • Centrality of gender to family life
  • Value of life course perspective and context in studying relationships
  • Policy implications of research results
SSC 5329
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James Côté, Professor

James Côté
  • Youth studies
  • Sociology of education
  • Identity studies
SSC 5208
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       Lorraine Davies, Associate Vice-Provost, Western University       

Lorraine Davies, Associate Professor
Associate Vice-Provost, School of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies

Lorraine Davies
  • Gender inequality
  • Stress and women’s health across the life course
  • The effects of interpersonal violence on women’s well-being
SSB 4180
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Rachel Margolis, Associate Professor

Rachel Margolis
  • Demography
  • Family
  • Health and Well-being
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SSC 5326
office hours: Tuesdays 11-noon
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       Julie McMullin, Vice-Provost (International), Western University

Julie McMullin, Professor

Julie McMullin
  • How class, age, gender, ethnicity, and race, structure inequality in paid work and families
519-661-2111 x86409
StvH 3107G
On leave, serving as Vice-Provost (International)

Kim Shuey, Associate Professor
Graduate Chair, Sociology

Kim Shuey
  • Health inequality across the life course
  • Work, health, and aging in the new economy
  • Nonstandard and precarious employment
519-661-2111 x85135
SSC 5426
office hours: by appointment
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Andrea Willson, Associate Professor

Andrea Willson
  • Social inequalities in health
  • Aging and the life course
  • Social inequality
519-661-2111 x85132
SSC 5423
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