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Cathy Thorpe

Photo by Eric Simard

Cathy Thorpe, Lecturer

Research Associate - Manager, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine

MA (Sociology), University of Western Ontario
BA (Administrative and Commercial Studies), University of Western Ontario


Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)

(2016) "Promoting development and uptake of health innovations: The Nose to Tail Tool" (with A. Gupta, O. Bhattacharyya and M. Zwarenstein) [version 1; referees: awaiting peer review] F1000Research 5:361 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.8145.1)

(2015) "Why most randomized controlled trials are irrelevant: And why yours will not be" (with A. Gupta and M. Zwarenstein) Canadian Family Physician 61:811-812.

(2015) "Measuring Teamwork in Primary Care: Triangulation of Qualitative and Quantitative Data" (with J.B. Brown, B.L. Ryan, E.K.R. Markle, B. Hutchison, R.H. Glazier) Families, Systems, and Health 33(3):193-202.