Centre for Population, Aging and HealthWestern Social Science


Signature Research Themes

Social inequality in physical and mental health over the life course

Social disparities in health

Family structure and mental health

Gender, work and health 

Workplace disability accommodation 

Gender, Work, Family, and Aging

Gender, migration and development

Gender and professions

Family ties and aging

  • Intergenerational Support and the Recession: The Impact of the Economic Downturn on Work, Retirement, and Financial Transfers across Generations
    Ingrid Connidis

Violence across the life course, gender inequality and women's health

Work, health, and aging within the context of changing labour markets and employment institutions

  • Age Bias in Information Technology Employment
    Emily Jovic, Julie McMullin
  • Aging and Working in the New Economy
    Julie McMullin, Victor Marshall, Sara Haviland

Vulnerable families and individuals: risk and resilience over the adult life course

Population Movement, Inequality, and Well-being

Economic, social, and health outcomes of immigrants and their children