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Society and Mental Health: The Journal of the ASA Section on the Sociology of Mental Health


CPAH Student, Ryan Broll, publishes on Parental Monitoring, Media Literacy and Media Violence! Focused on parental monitoring, this paper suggests that appropriately restrictive and active monitoring practices have a positive impact on the media consumption of children. Read article

Dr. Abada publishes in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies! Titled "Bosses of Their Own:Are Children of Immigrants More Likely than Their Parents to Be Employed", Dr. Abada compares the self-employment rates of immigrant parents and their children when inthe same age range and finds that male children of immigrant parents have lower self-employment rates than their fathers, while female children of immigrant parents have higher self-employment rates than their mothers. Read article

CPAH Professor co-publishes with students! Professor Laura Huey, Daniel Hryniewicz and Georgios Fthenos assess the attitudes of victimized homeless women towards mental health counselling, in their paper titled "If Something Happened, I Will Leave It, let It Go and Move On," and find that these women, rather than being pathological, exhibit signs of resiliency through their attitudes and coping behaviors. Read article

Dr. Rachel Margolis published! Dr. Margolis and colleague Mikko Myrskyla examine how money, family and health explain variation in life satisfaction and observe that the significance of each of these factors hinged on the social status of individuals. Read article

Dr. Laura Huey and Ryan Broll publish on the Role of the Public in Policing Cyber Crime. This article underscores the contribution of civilians to reducing cyber crime. The need for and use of civilian groups that work individually and in collaboration with the police to track and curb cyber crime is emphasized. Read article

CPAH Professor and CPAH Alumnus Co-Publish. Professor Emeritus Rod Beaujot and Dr. Muhammad Raza, a CPAH alumnus, in this their paper, "Social, Capital and Economic Integration of Visible Minority Immigrants in Canada," examine the role of human and social capital in explaining the personal earnings of foreign born full-time workers. Findings suggest that human and social capital mediates the association between income differences and visible minority status. Read article