Population Change and Lifecourse

Aging, lifelong learning and life course flexibility

Committee Leader: Paul Bélanger, University of Quebec at Montreal

Research Domain

Within its theme of Aging, lifelong learning and life course flexibility, the committee focuses on lifelong learning and work and lifelong learning and health, both sub-themes developed in relation to life course research and policy framework.

For lifelong learning and work, the committee seeks to answer questions such as: How and on what contexts do individuals, experiencing desynchronized life course, develop and mobilize knowledge and skills to pilot their occupational life transitions?

In the context of demographic changes that project labour shortage, the learning demand of the active population shifts towards older occupational strata. How are the work-related learning demands that emerge later in people’s lives expressed and met in various sectors?

Health-related lifelong learning policies are emerging in national policies on health, which tend to complete their historical dominant curative orientation with new concerns for health literacy within new public health strategies. The aim is to monitor this yet timid but steady transition from health welfare system to participative learnfare system.

Committee Reports

Committee Activities

2014 Lifelong Learning International Initiatives

Two series of events were organized with international experts on the issue of lifelong Learning at work place:

  • Workplace learning:Challenges of the 21st Century with Stephen Billett, April 29-30, 2014
    Stephen Billett is professor of Adult and Vocational Education in the School of Education and Professional Studies at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
    Workplace learning is now going through profound transformation in its practices as well as in its theoretical conception; a change to be observed both in its initial provision at school, college and university, as well as in the continuous professional development taking place along individuals ‘life path.
  • The European lifelong learning policies with Paolo Federighi, November 18, 2014
    Paolo Federighi, professor at the University of Florence in Italy, member of the Committee on Continuing Education of the European Commission and former president of the European Association for Adult Education.
    Professor Paolo Federighi was to present the portrait of adult participation in education and training policy in Europe, following a study he has done at the request of The European Commission. Adult and continuing education in Europe, said Professor Federighi, has the dual function of contributing to employability and economic growth, on the one hand, and responding to broader societal challenges, in particular correcting educational exclusion and promoting social cohesion, on the other.

For the video of the presentations, see L'OBSERVATOIRE COMPÉTENCES-EMPLOIS sur la formation continue et le développement des compétences

International Seminar on Lifelong Learning
Montreal, May, 2012

The Committee has organized an international seminar,  « Vers de nouvelles façons de développer les compétences tout au long de la vie » (French Only), on the informal component of lifelong learning from a biographical approach and a human resource perspective.  The seminar has mobilized 25 experts and 72 participants from research institutions and networks of labour market partners.

Seminars and Dissemination Initiatives of the British Research Report “Learning Through Life”
January, 2010

Seminars and Dissemination Initiatives of the British research report “Learning Through Life
On the occassion of the visit of Prof. Tom Schuller, Director of the UK lnquiry into the Future for Lifelong Learning, and co-author of Learning Through Life, the committee organized seminars and meetings in Montreal, Ottawa, and London, Ontario.

2010 Socio-Economic Conference

2010 Socio-Economic Conference

  • Changing Demand for Basic Education and Training in the Workplace
    Paul Bélanger, Université de Québec à Montréal, Montréal, Québec

4th Population, Work, Family Policy Research Collaboration

4th Population, Work, Family Policy Research Collaboration

Session on Lifelong Learning

  • Health and lifelong learning: The learning component of reflexive health policies
    Paul Bélanger (Université du Québec à Montréal)
  • Institutional supports for Canadians? Retirement-refuted education: An agenda for data gathering
    Richard Shillington

3rd Population, Work, Family Policy Research Collaboration

3rd Population, Work, Family Policy Research Collaboration

Session on School Trajectories of Young Canadians: What Challenges Lie at the Horizon

  • Guaranteed Merit-Based Scholarships and the Characteristics of Students Entering University
    Martin D. Dooley, A. Abigail Payne, A. Leslie Robb, McMaster University