Population Change and Lifecourse

2015 Conference Banner

Ottawa Marriott Hotel
Victoria South Ballroom, 2nd Floor, 100 Kent Street, Ottawa

The conference is the culminating event of the Cluster’s operation over the past 8 years, which aimed at promoting research that lead academics and policymakers to a clearer understanding of the relationship between population structure and the lives of individuals.

As the Cluster’s final event, the conference program is divided into two parts.

The Population Change and Lifecourse Cluster has taken part in the Population, Work and Family Policy Research Collaboration (PWFC) conferences organized principally by the Policy Research Initiative (now Horizons Canada) in 2006-2008 and the Statistics Canada Socio-Economic Conference in 2009-10. It is in the absence of these occasions that we have organized our own events in March 2013 and March 2015.

As in the 2013 event, the 2015 conference will be by invitation and will have no parallel sessions. It will be attended by about 120 people from the Cluster (including faculty and student members) and federal agency partners.