Population Change and Lifecourse

Health Canada

Research Priorities

The research agenda of the Applied Research and Analysis Directorate (ARAD) of Health Canada is focused on three main themes:

Research priorities in these areas are currently being identified.

Collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities

On Data

Health Data and Collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities, a presentation by Sylvain Paradis, Director General, ARAD, to the March 28 Cluster event, outlines a number of health data challenges and opportunities for collaboration with the Cluster

On Exchanges with Faculty and Researchers

ARAD would be interested in exploring opportunities for collaboration with researchers affiliated with the Cluster on topics related to the ARAD research agenda and priorities (currently being identified). Interested researchers should contact Sylvain Paradis.

Opportunities for Students

Hiring students to work on research projects of mutual interest to ARAD and the Cluster could be considered. The students would work under the supervision of an ARAD researcher in collaboration with an academic researcher. Interested students should contact Sylvain Paradis.