Fast Facts

The Department of Sociology was established in 1966 and is now one of the largest in Canada.

Research centres: Centre for Population, Aging and Health,

Statistics Canada Research Data Centre at Western,
Population Change and Lifecourse Strategic Knowledge Cluster,
Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International)

Publications: Society and Mental Health, Sociological Imagination, International Indigenous Policy Journal


Undergraduate entry requirement: min 60% final grade in Introduction to Sociology (SOC1020 or SOC1021E)  >more specific requirements depend on module - read more

Honors SpecializationSpecializationMajorMinor
 SociologyCriminologySociologySociologyCriminologySociology of Health and AgingSociologyCriminology
Undergrads  in progress 2012-13:
Convocated June 2013:

Undergrad exchange: ___ Sociology undergrads participated in 2012-13

Undergrad awards: 11 awarded annually


Grad studies application deadline: Feb 1

Masters application requires: 4yr degree in Sociology or related field (Honours Specialization preferred) with min 78% (B+) overall average in yrs 3-4, English proficiency

PhD application requires: Masters degree in Sociology or related field with min 78% (B+) average, English proficiency

MA students (avg): 25

PhD students (avg): 40

Grad supervising faculty: 25