Population Change and Lifecourse


About Us

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Population Change and Lifecourse is a Strategic Knowledge Cluster funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council. This Cluster considers the domains of population change and life course, along with their interface. The various processes at play in the life courses of individuals are, in the aggregate, the causes of population change. In addition, population change provides an important context for significant social policy choices.

The primary goal of the Population Change and Lifecourse Strategic Knowledge Cluster is to promote research that will lead academics and policymakers to a clearer understanding of the relationship between population structure and the lives of individuals. This research seeks to support improved planning on the part of governments, public institutions and agencies, and business.

The Cluster supports the education of a new generation of skilled researchers who will contribute to the growing body of knowledge about population, the life course, and the development of society and its institutions.

The Cluster promotes research and collaboration in the following thematic areas: (1) Aging and paid work; (2) Caregiving and social participation; (3) Health over the life course; (4) Families; (5) Immigrants and migrants; and, (6) Aging, lifelong learning and life course flexibility.